Work From Home: Transcription

Work From Home: Transcription

When I was looking for a work from home job

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There are a ton of companies out there to look at.

In this article I’m going to mention only 10 great companies to look into.

 I did a few transcription jobs and enjoyed it but found out that transcription work can be mundane, interesting, challenging, and fulfilling too. Transcription pieces seem to present itself like a puzzle, meaning, you have to figure out mumbling, run on sentences, and in-between comments while listening to the context of what is being said.

It takes a bit of patience

I’d highly recommend looking into it if you have good listening skills, can handle repetition, if you like a challenge, and want to work from home. I found that transcription was a great work from home opportunity for being a stay at home mom. The reason was because some of these transcription companies are paid per piece transcribed. I could log in, and fit it into my “free” time (which is naps, or after the kids go to bed), to do the work. This provided the freedom to make a little bit of income, in the minimal amount of extra time I had available, while juggling everything as a stay at home mom. 

 Most transcription agencies require equipment to do transcription work from home.  A basic home computer with internet connection and a mouse is typically minimally needed. I’ve used both a laptop and a desktop computer. One company I tried, required only a headset and my desktop computer. I used very basic headphones too– nothing fancy, while others may want you to purchase transcription software, and/or a foot pedal.  There are many options to choose from for equipment, and software in a variety of price points, so buying these won’t necessarily break the bank!

You will need to access each transcription site individually and check out what equipment and/or education they will require you to have to proceed. Also, most transition companies will have you take tests to see how many words per minute you can type, as well as spelling errors and punctuation errors you consistently make in a given amount of time. For most you will need to PASS the test to be considered. Some will have more testing then stated above but this is a simply a general overview.

10 Transcription Companies to Consider: 

  1. Transcribe Me –

  2.  Tiger Fish –

  3. Scribie –

  4.  Rev –

  5. Verbal –

  6.  BAM Transcription –

  7. Go Transcription –

  8. Ubiqus –

  9. Transcriptions ‘n Translations –

  10. Hollywood Transcriptions-


Here is the link for AAERT which stands for American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcriptionists: . This site has information about education and certification that you can take to make you a better fit for doing transcription work.  It has all the latest on transcription. It’s a great resource for making transcription your new side hustle or work from home career!

Have you tried transcription? How’d that go for you? I’d love to hear!

As always friends, I wish you all the luck of a magpie!