Vision Boards & Here’s Why You Need One!

Vision Boards & Here’s Why You Need One!

Ok listen up mamas !! You may be wondering why I’m discussing vision boards. Well, whether you stay at home with kids, work full-time, part-time, or freelance it is healthy and wonderful to keep your dreams and aspirations alive. What if I said Vision boards can make ALL your dreams come true? Isn’t that such a funny and weird thing to hear? Like a piece of paper, with a bunch of pictures, and words will make all your dreams come true? Well, maybe, this statement isn’t as far off as it seems! You see, vision boards are based on the concept of the powerful mind. You can look at vision boards as being the business plan for your life.

Remember that whole “mind over matter” statement you may have heard growing up? Your mind is powerful. It is SO powerful that even athletes use this method of visualization to improve their performance.  These athletes practice the art of meditation which in turn makes these athlete’s more attuned and

FOCUSED to perform better.

We can apply this idea to our own lives by creating our own vision boards!

 Psychology Today did an awesome study about  mental imagery and found that, “Mental imagery impacts many crucial cognitive processes in the brain… It’s been found that mental practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow.”

Like crazy right?!

I’ve always used quotes all around me that bolstered me up when I was having a rough day.  Little did I know this is the same concept as a vision board. So you might be wondering what kind of stuff you should add to your vision boards? Well, I’m going to the give a “vision boards” opinion by Angie which might be a tad different than others I’ve seen. I’ve read many articles that say that you can add as many things on one vision board as you feel you need. It’s true, you really can’t mess up creating a vision board because it’s YOUR goals, dreams, and affirmations. I believe,however, that you should create one or MORE vision boards with 8-12 items MAX on each board. This helps to focus on the dreams or feeling points that you want to create. It’s because I get overwhelmed with “more”, and can’t focus on a zillion messages! The reality is that you create one with your spouse, or significant other, too or for yourself. Its a great way to put your eye on the target life that you want!

If the idea of building a vision board is a new concept for you, or overwhelming because you may NOT have ideas of what you want. It’s ok! I’d recommend starting small and building it over time to meet your desires as they evolve!

So, what TOP 3 things that you should put on your vision board?

  1. The first thing to add, and that I’d mentioned previously, was adding words & quotes to remind you of behavioral goals to your vision board. Does someone in particular inspire you? What kind of messages have you heard that help you feel happy, motivated, and are good reminders for how you should desire to behave. Some ideas just off the top of my head are “Take Risks”, “You are Loved”, “Be Thankful!”

  2. Next, add goals on your board. What goals do you have? What type of things do you want in life. Everyone’s goals are going to be different. What do you dream about?Do you want to buy your dream house? Do you want to get a raise? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be more fit? Do you want to spend more time with you children or spouse? Do you want to go on vacation?  Do you want to run for a political office? Find pictures that represent what your goals are, for instance, if your goal is you want to start a blog, you’d maybe draw or print out a picture of a computer that has the words blog on it. There are pictures all over the internet or if you’re talented (or even if you’re not ha!) then you can draw them yourself. It’s YOUR board! These are just a few things that you can think about, but really your goals are your own, and only your own!
  3. Third, add words of affirmation on your vision board. Years ago, I took a class, and even though I don’t remember what it was called, I do remember the phrase that was repeated over and over. It was, “I can” and “I am”. The moral was that we should learn words of affirmation. I wish I’d focused more on the message because I see the truth in it today!! While I can’t go back, I do see that this is something of value that can be added to your vision board. Many times I see that we  are so hard on ourselves! Negative self talk is what this fights against. When we write affirmations starting with the phrase “I am… ” and fill in the blank with your positive traits, we change the way we talk to ourselves.  If you really have a problem with doing this ask someone close to you to help pin point some of your better traits. Words of affirmations on our vision boards will strengthen that inner voice!

These are my top three “subjects” that you should add to your vision board. Other things you could add are lists of things you’d like to do (a bucket list), motivational pictures, anything that reminds you of happiness or calm, color in any form, and anything that motivates & catches YOUR EYE!

This is YOU speaking to YOU, the best YOU that has desires and dreams!

I believe its totally acceptable to have more than one Vision Board. Each of these Vision Boards created for different goals, motivations, areas of your life whether spiritual, work, home, or relationships. It then is placed  where you can see it DAILY, and think about all those things you’ve aspired to!

What do you add to your vision board?

Have you seen results from having one?

Wishing you All The Luck of a Magpie!