Tired of your Commute? Check out these 10 Great Telecommuting Job Boards!

Tired of your Commute?

Check out these 10 Great Telecommuting Job Boards!

A growing number of us are telecommuting, or “working from home”. The numbers point to about 30 million people!  Whether you are working for a large company or owning your own business, it’s becoming increasingly popular to telecommute. This is good news! Maybe its the idea of being able to spend more time with family, friends, or being able to put time towards hobbies, traveling, or other ventures? (It could be a good time to revisit your vision board Vision Boards ) It could be that you simply are not wanting to spend hours in the car to get to the job, and that you’re tired of the extra hour or more wasted? In being a mom, and working outside the home, that extra time can have a huge impact on family life. We have to spread ourselves thin between household chores, childcare, and family activities. Trying to keep all of life organized & functioning is no easy feat.

Whatever your reasons for finding this list today, it seems quite reasonable to desire working from home. (Also see these other options to Work From Home job opportunities) Job flexibility can improve life by increasing time for family and other activities. People who work from home report an increase in job satisfaction. Employers who offer the option of telecommuting report an increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.  Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone! For some this just a dream, but this is how you can make that dream a reality. Check out these Telecommuting specific job boards for the latest jobs!

 10 Great Telecommuting Specific Job Boards to Consider:

  1. Flex jobs  http://www.flexjobs.com
  2. We Work Remotely www.weworkremotely.com
  3. Skip the Drive Skipthedrive.com
  4. Remotive https://remotive.io
  5. Remote Ok https://remoteok.io
  6. Job Scribe jobscribe.com
  7. Jobspresso https- //jobspresso.co
  8. Working Nomads  https://www.workingnomads.co/jobs
  9. Outsourcely  https://www.outsourcely.com
  10.  Remote.co  https://remote.co

While researching these telecommuting job board sites, I found them to have a good variety of job “types” available.  The broad range of job listings vary from sales, writing, project managers, virtual assistants, HR jobs, marketing, web design, and engineering which are just to name a few!  I saw flexible jobs that both part-time, and full-time. It is definitely worth taking a look!

Have you used any these sites to find a telecommuting job??

Wishing you all The Luck of a Magpie!