MLM’s Get a bad rap but they shouldn’t! Here’s Why!!

MLM’s Get a bad rap but they shouldn’t!

(And a list of 50 Mlm companies to consider!)

It’s true. MLM’s or Multi-level marketing companies carry a heavy burden to push back against the stereotypical idea that they are scammers, into pushy sales technics, and essentially are not hopeless business ventures! Most are tainted as not being able to getting people any closer to the financial freedom that so many dream about and why most sign up!

You’re just “drinking the MLM Koolaid” !

Stay with me people…

The truth is that multi-level marketing companies are really a means to start a business with minimal investment compared to opening a physical store to sell a product. Typically one has their friends, neighbors, or random strangers they meet at parties throw parties either at their home or online of which they earn benefits of products or discounts as an incentive.

So I wanted to discuss my experiences.

I’ve been a part of three MLM’s .

It has been while, however, my experience was that ONE didn’t offer substantial training  so it fizzled, business didn’t happen, and we wasted money.  It was not without a HUGE cost to us! This really tainted my view of MLM’s for a VERY long time. The idea of doing any mlm business made me sick to my stomach. It had drained our emergency funds which I used against my better judgement. It was to support the idea of a business venture to help us make money during one of our times of unemployment. Never happened.

Quite awhile after we tried another, the SECOND one I was a part of went pretty good. I had enough training, and made some money. I made enough money to pay off my investment into buying into the product line, and then some extra spending money, so I figure that one was mostly a win! Unfortunately, the business, closed doors, and that one was no more.

The THIRD company we are currently with but not “selling” any products. We use it for our own personal use and development. It has been an OK experience. Neutral experience is what I would call it because there is no pressure to sell or create a “downline”. I just enjoy the products and buy them at wholesale.

The multi-level part of these is that they start creating their “line” or team underneath or essentially people that sign on to sell down line from you. Then there is a percentage of sells from the others on the team that you receive and it continues on down the line based on those people that sign up under you.

The Pros: You work at your own pace, own time, and you choose how much and often you work! (Always keeping in mind requirements to stay active in whichever MLM you choose as often there are requiements. ) Sometimes there is pressure to sell more, but typically, there is support from those from which you are under or the company. With a good company and product there is money to be made! It’s best to research the company well, and reviews from both customers and sales people.

The Cons: If interacting with others is hard for you or you don’t like the idea of “selling” something to someone then this might seem intimidating. Also there is usually always some “investment” of money towards products which if you’re cash strapped for cash the initial cost might be difficult.

If this interests you, you really you just need to find the right MLM for you!

Finding one that you’re interested in or that fulfills a need that you can support is, by the far, the best guideline to finding a good match.

Take a look at these 50 MLM companies! 

  1. Scentsy –  Scented and Wickless Candles
  2. Lularoe -Clothing
  3.  Norwex – Cleaning Products
  4. Ambit Energy – Electric and Natural Gas Service Utility
  5. Team Beachbody – Health and Fitness
  6. Usana Health Sciences – Skin Care Products & Supplements
  7.  Thrive Life – Freeze Dried Food/ Food Storage
  8. Pampered Chef – Kitchen and Household
  9. Party Lite – Candles and Home Decor
  10. Arbonne – Health and Beauty
  11. NuSkin – Dietary Supplements
  12. Youngevity –  Health and Wellness
  13. Mary Kay – Skincare and Beauty
  14. Thirtyone Gifts- Bags and Other Products
  15. HerbalLife International – Health and Nutrition
  16. Vector Marketing – Cutlery
  17.  Primerica – Financial Planning Services
  18. Tupperware -Housewares
  19. Rodan and Fields – Skincare and Beauty
  20. Mary and Martha – Art & Giftware
  21. Nerium International – Skincare, Beauty, and Supplements
  22. Jamberry – Nails
  23. Life Leadership – Professional Development Coaching
  24. Melaleuca Inc. –  Wellness Shopping Club
  25. Lia Sophia – Jewelry
  26. Monavie llc – Juice & Health/ Wellness
  27. Longaberger – Baskets
  28. Princess House- Housewares and Kitchen
  29. Stampin Up – Scrapbooking Materials and Stamps
  30. Stella and Dot – Clothing Trunk Shows
  31. Tastefully Simple Inc. – Food & Gifts
  32. SeneGence International- Makeup & Skincare
  33. Nature’s Sunshine – Health and Wellness
  34. Usborn Books- Books
  35. Send Out Cards – Cards
  36.  DoTerra- Essential Oils & Wellness
  37. Young Living- Essential Oils & Wellness
  38. Avon- Makeup & Skincare
  39. PawTree – Pet Products
  40. Barefoot Books – Books
  41. Azuli Skye – Jewelry
  42. Celadon Road – Green Living/ Health and Wellness
  43. Daisy Blue – Spa & Health
  44. Younique -Makeup & Skincare
  45. Ruby Ribbon – Shape wear
  46. Simply Fun-  Games & Children’s Products
  47. Amway – Health and Wellness
  48. Signature Home styles- Housewares
  49. Jafra- Skincare & Wellness
  50.  Wildtree –  Food & Drink Mixes

This list is merely just a few of what’s out there. You can take a look at which stands for Direct Selling Association. There you can look up information about other MLM’s and read their code of ethics for consumer protection . Lots of good information on this website for legitimate work from home MLM’s!

Do you sell anything through an MLM?

What has been your experience? Do tell!

Wishing you all The Luck of a Magpie!