7 Creative Ways to Get Free Stuff~ Yep, Free!

7 Creative Ways to Get Free Stuff~ Yep, Free!

Before I even start, I’m sure you’re probably thinking,” Um, yeah right! Free? No flippin Way!”

My hubby and I have gone through several layoffs due to the nature of our career “types” and the economy. Even though those times have been a struggle, I’ve learned a ton from our experience. I’ve learned you can be creative, and inquisitive, and by doing so, be be able to fulfill needs and wants

  • Freecycle.org: Freecycle is a grassroots entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. It is free to join. You can also post ISO (In search of) and see if there is any response from someone in the community that may have what you are looking for! Once signed up for your local area, emails from other members will start rolling into your email. The terms ISO (which means in search of), Offer (Something being offered), and PPU which means Pending Pick Up. I have loved this community for years in EVERY place I’ve lived, and have received everything from clothing to to toys to furniture! It is such a great resource.
  •  Craigslist.org: Craigslist  Find your city. In the search engine type “FREE”. You can choose from the different subjects but just by typing this in the city that I live I pulled up lists for free furniture, toys, free month’s rent, and more.  They also have a “Trade” section where you can request a trade of services or items. Another great way to get free items is to trade or barter something that you have for something you need or want! 
  • Your Local Newspaper: Often your local newspaper will have a “free” section or “trade” section. Why not see they do, and if so, you can ask for something you’re looking for by posting an ISO which as stated previously mean “In Search Of”.  Who knows what could happen!
  • Check Out Savings & Coupon BLOGS: I. Love, Blogs. Not JUST because I write on one, but blogs are great to save money and get FREE products. I have a list of  blogs that I enjoy reading and checking from time to time. These are saving & coupon blogs.  I would scroll through each blog to see what freebies and discount I could find. They would come in the form of coupons or samples. Companies offer them all the time!  I’ve received free office supplies, clothing, food, and other household goods.   There are SO many awesome coupon & savings blogs online to peruse! 
  • FACEBOOK 24/hr Yard Sale, Swap,Trade, or Community Groups:  At this time, I’m involved in several Facebook groups. I often see items offered for free. You can join a swap or trade group or your neighborhood group on Facebook if they have one. You could even create your own FREE or Trade online group, and invite your neighbors or friends to join! Such a great way to connect with people, recycle your own belongings, and get free stuff!
  • Youtube: In the search engine on Youtube type words like “free stuff”, “free”, “coupons”, and you will find a huge available list of ways to get freebies. You will probably need to watch some videos about where to sign up, and which websites to use  (which can easily be done in your free time), but the trade off is free loot! 

Recycling your things through these outlets, or receiving used items is great for the environment, great for friendships, and great for your wallet!  We have used these means to get free stuff. It has helped offset costs for my family, fulfilled needs that we couldn’t have otherwise have met at that time.

It’s also good to the earth which is really an awesome perk!!

  Wishing you All The Luck of a Magpie!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, and what the result was!

I’d love to hear from you!