Blogging: Finding a Website Host

Blogging: Finding a Website Host

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Do you want to work from home or where ever you are at any given moment? Do you like to write? Do you want your voice to be heard? Do you have something that you can contribute by way of knowledge to the world that’s interesting and sets you apart?  Do you want to set up your own eCommerce site? To be honest, even if you said yes to just one of those questions, a blog or webpage might be something to consider! In lamen’s terms a website can take many different forms such as a blog, a webpage to advertise a company or services, or an eCommerce site.  The creativity here is endless.

I will totally admit that I’m still pretty new at this myself, and I think that’s why I’ve kind of left that category of “blogging” on my blog blank for so long. I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was talking about before publishing anything about what I’ve been learning the past few years.


The first part of starting a blog is finding a host that suits your needs.  Web hosting is a service that allows one to post a website or web page onto the Internet. The web hosting service provider provides the technology and added services needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are stored on special computers called servers.  When Internet users want to view your website their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

In order to use a host you have to create a domain name.

Domain registration is different then host registration.

My domain name is The Luck of a Magpie.

I registered my domain when I signed up on with my “host” .

I chose ipage and have since changed to siteground, however,  I’ve heard many rave about bluehost and the others on my list below.

It was surprisingly quick and easy and painless!

 TOP 10 Internet Hosts that you can use to start your blog or website!



ipage  –


Dotster –

ipower –





Getting started is easy. It costs money  (see each provider for pricing but at a glance some could be as low $3.95 a month! Not too shabby!). I consider it an investment per say. I figure that its an investment towards your freedom to work from home on your own terms. The one thing that I can say is that blogging has opened up my CREATIVE MIND to all sorts of possibilities. It has opened up opportunities and interactions that I’d not had had I not jumped in and interacted with other bloggers, and of course my amazing readers! For that alone it has been priceless.

Do you blog? If you do what has been the best and worse thing about it?

Wishing you all The Luck of a Magpie!