9 Legit Survey Sites that pay you in cash or gift cards!

9 Legit Survey Sites that pay you in cash or gift cards!

Are you opinionated?

Ok ‘nough said.

I Guess you should just skip to the list!

Or GO AHEAD and just read on…

When I was looking for something to bring in extra cash or gift cards to offset costs, I signed up for a ton of survey companies. They would send surveys to me in my email, or I’d login into their sites to fill out surveys on their websites. Many of the surveys were of subjects that were of “interest” or “relevant” to me and my lifestyle. I would receive points that could be exchanged for gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, or to exchange for cash! It was a sweet and easy way to make money for small extras.

It was a nice to receive a little bit of money/gift cards for spending just a little bit of my time filling out surveys here or there. I liked it. There weren’t any cell phone apps way back then like there is now when I was doing more regularly,  but I spent enough time online on my computer filling out surveys. I actually received enough points to cash in for rewards to which I felt like it was a nice little side hustle for the effort. I’m still a member of these sites, and fill out surveys when I can.

So, basically, in my OPINION if you are OPINIONATED then maybe your OPINION could be worth some money or gift cards!


  1. Ipsos I-Say – https://i-say.com (Has an app)

  2. Valued Opinions- https://www.valuedopinions.com
  3. Mypoints – https://www.mypoints.com (Has an app)
  4. Toluna- https://us.toluna.com (Has an app)
  5. OpinionOupost- https://www.opinionoutpost.com
  6. OneOpinion- https://www.oneopinion.com/
  7. Mindfield Online- http://mindfieldonline.com/ (Has an app)
  8. Inbox Dollars- https://www.inboxdollars.com/ (Has an app)
  9. Swagbucks- https://www.swagbucks.com (Has an app)

You may have noticed that I added whether I found an app for the survey websites. If you’re like me, you always have your phone on you, so this makes it that much easier to fill out surveys! Yay!

Sometimes just getting your opinion out there just makes you feel good right? A true perk if you ask me!

Have you tried any of these Survey Companies? What did you like or dislike?

 I wish you ALL The Luck of a Magpie!