4 Important Actions to Improve Your Self Confidence Today!

4 Important Actions to Improve Your Self Confidence Today!

Since starting a blog I’ve been interested in the idea of improving self-confidence.

I have asked myself on many occasion, “What does it take to improve one’s self confidence?”

I looked around at other more experienced bloggers in awe at their creativity and knowledge. They all seemed to have such self awareness and ability to portray themselves with such self confidence, and honestly, I’ve really found it so very addicting! We humans tend to box ourselves into our limited realm of potential, and yet we shouldn’t! Our potential is far greater than most can even conceive! When we open ourselves up to new experiences, a growth happens in self awareness and confidence. For me personally, I’ve felt an increase in self confidence as I’ve opened myself up to learning. I have LOVED IT! I have put a lot of thought what it takes to improve one’s self confidence and often will catch a quote that I love and will write it down as a reminder of a behavior.

As a stay-at- home mom who has spent so many years home and out of the workforce this whole self-confidence thing is HARD. Often I would look at jobs and know I was capable, but didn’t feel qualified. I believe that 65% or more of the time it was because of my own lack of self-confidence. I am constantly working on these actions because I want to show my family that I am a mother that is powerful, capable, and can push through my own insecurities. One quote that has given me some thought is one by a professional tennis player Arthur Ashe who said,

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

I love this because if right this very second, very minute, if one feels like they may NOT have any self confidence in their own success in life, then anyone can start to prepare NOW to change that! We are not doomed to a disappointing, lack of sense of self, miserable, unsuccessful type of life. Yay! I’d say that’s some good news! The key is preparing and creating a plan, doing what’s in YOUR plan,  and actively working to improve your sense of who you are or aka self confidence! It seems like it would be too easy to be true, but I’m confident that this works!

Here are 4 Important  Actions  to Improve Your Self Confidence Today:

1. Don’t forget to create a vision board! This helps you pinpoint the direction you want to have in your life. You can have more than one vision board for the different areas of your life: personal lifestyle, professional goals, religious improvement, financial goals, or any motivational inspiration. You can read more about them Vision Boards . I’m a huge fan of vision boards. I will often look at mine in the mornings and I feel a huge increase in self awareness and confidence in myself!


2. Find a Mentor. You can either find someone who is a friend, colleague, or find a someone who you generally admire to be a role model to you. This is not a “be creepy” stalker kind of thing, but look at them as a model of behavior, dress, lifestyle, behavior, or career choice. What do they do to be like they are or what kind of choices got them to where they are today? Often times, for instance, when you work out with a trainer, who is mentoring you to help you meet your fitness goals,  you’re more likely to stick with it. Same with any other areas of your life!

3. Fake it till you make it! What I mean is act like what you want to become. You’ve got to “play the part”, and if it feels fake at first, it won’t forever, because eventually, you’ll find that really you’ll start becoming that part that you play! This essentially involves modeling the behavior you want. You are changing your life’s patterns, which, changes your brain patterns, so that it actually, in turn, becomes habits which will increase your self confidence!

4. Be uncomfortable & do something out of the ordinary. Find something that puts you in an uncomfortable position. Conquer a fear, learn a new skill, be around a new group of people, or whatever you feel helps you  meet your goals to get you closer to more confidence in your abilities to adapt! This is where you think outside the your norm, or your current environment, and look to the dreams you have and the experiences that you want. This is the growth factor that I mentioned above. When you have NEW and uncomfortable experiences your feelings of self awareness and confidence will infinitely grow!

Self confidence ebbs and flows with life’s experiences. It’s in the actions we take to change the way we think, that we can improve our sense of who we are, and feel more confident. Beyond that we achieve a flow of energy in our abilities to do more, be better, and take ownership of our behaviors!

It all starts with taking action to change!!

One AMAZING & often DIFFICULT step at a time. 

What have you done to increase your self confidence?

Wishing you self-confidence & The Luck of a Magpie!