20 Places That Hire Teachers to Work From Home!

20 Places That Hire Teachers to Work From Home!

 Recently I was approached by a friend who had retired from being an elementary school teacher. She was looking for side work that could be available to help supplement her retirement income. Who doesn’t love a good side hustle right? If you enjoy teaching then doing it from home could potentially be a good fit. No traffic jams to worry about, or commute times, and having flexibility in the work schedule it SO appealing!

Teachers type jobs come in different forms. One can also tutor, sell YOUR own created curriculum, teach English, or write educational materials for classrooms for textbook publishers. 

 Online teaching jobs and careers are broad in that some are geared toward hiring retired teachers and educational professionals, while other jobs tend to reach out to the side hustle personalities. I found a ton of the tutoring and ESL (teaching English as a second language) type positions that fell into appealing to the side hustlers.

Jobs where the person is hired directly into the company will offer benefits such as health, dental, and life insurance. Other jobs would fall in the category of being a contractor. This means that typically you’ll have limited benefit and that it fall under the category of a 1099 worker for tax purposes.  Essentially you would contract to a company to perform a service, be paid, and be responsible for your own taxes. Despite the differences between the two type of employee “types” both are attractive to job seekers because there are limited traveling costs, and it can be used as a side hustle after “day job” to make extra money. Occasionally it is required as part of the position to visit a classroom or make contact in person with the employer, but it just depends on the specific job position.

Many of these jobs require teacher experience, education, or knowledge or have some experience with children. All of these employers offer potentially work from home jobs. In my list below you will see a few search engines which I added to find jobs under the teaching online category.  The terms “remote”, “virtual”, “telecommute”, or “writer”, “teacher”, or  even “curriculum” will pull results of available work from home teaching type jobs.

Theoretically one could teach in pajama bottoms I guess ,as long as, your upper body seemed professional for your teaching sessions for the web cam and you meet clothing requirements (some require blue, orange, or white collared shirt) . Typical equipment for teaching from home includes a laptop, desktop, web cam, headset, and basic teaching supplies/ or background. Background supplies can be purchased at the dollar store to help curb expenses. It is different with each position.

It’s best to read the job descriptions and requirements carefully of every job and check out their websites to see if it would be a good fit. 

 20 Places For Potential “Teacher Type” Work From Home Jobs!

  •  K12 is and online School  hires teachers to teach K-12th grade.
  • Connections Academy hires teachers to teach online.
  • California Online Virtual has teaching jobs
  • Proximity Learning has teaching and tutoring positions.
  • VIP Kid offers online tutoring.
  • Homework Tutoring  offers tutoring positions.
  • Flex Jobs is a broad search engine. To find online teaching jobs search “online” teacher, tutor, education.
  • Teacher-teacher.com is a search engine to find online &virtual teacher positions.
  • Indeed is another great search engine. Search using the words “remote” as location along with “education”.
  •  Chegg offers tutoring services and test prep as well as other services such as book rental.
  • Mathelf  offers  MATH tutoring services. Great place for us math nerds!
  • Revolution Prep  offers tutoring and test preparation. They offer lots of training to their tutors.
  • Pearson “Smartthinking” offers online tutoring.
  •  Kaplan offers online teaching, tutoring, and test/certification prep.
  • Teachers pay teachers is where one can sell their lesson plans to other teachers.
  • Tutapoint offers online tutoring.
  • Tutorvista offers one-on-one online tutoring.
  • Teach Away offers online teaching leads. In the categories section search “online”.
  • Educational First offers online teaching positions.
  • 51Talk – Online teaching jobs are offered through this employer.

Some of these positions require an associates or bachelors degree, while others don’t, so this is NOT  LIMITED to just those who have taught in a classroom. Hours vary so teaching times could be in the late evening or early morning (if you reside in the US) corresponding to oversea’s hours. It is a great opportunity for a stay at home mom, a student, or anyone who wants to find a side hustle they can do outside their current employment!

Take look at their requirements!

If you’re looking for teaching or tutoring type jobs to do from home these are all great work from home resources to get you started!

Wishing you All The Luck of a Magpie!