10 Job Ideas Tweens and Teens Can Do This Summer!

10 Job Ideas Tweens and Teens Can Do This Summer!

 I’m writing this article during summer break for my kids.  What I’m loving is the WARMTH OF THE SUN, and the FREEDOM TO JUST GO, and DO LESS OF a set schedule! What I’m NOT LOVING, however,  is my kids asking me if they can CONSTANTLY do jobs around the house to MAKE MONEY. Don’t get me wrong friends….they already have regular chores & I do have SOME jobs to make money, but unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees here at our house. (I wish!) I love that they are motivated to work for what they want. I love that they are embracing a enteprenuar type spirit. That makes this mama proud.

Unfortunately, I do not have ENOUGH JOBS in my home for them to make substantial money. So I told my oldest child (who is still too young to get a job legally which in my state is 15 years old) to think about ways to make money. What actions can they take to fullfill a need of others. This is where the money is at. She literally rolled her eyes at me and asked me, “How?” *sigh* this is going to take some more work to get the ideas flowing. After we discussed a few things, she offered up a fairly good business idea. My hubby and I  counter offered with a suggestion to write a business plan to map other ideas of the future business endeavor (because it would require initial investment help from us), and what actions she would take to start, and keep up her business. Here are some simple ideas that we came up with.

10 Job Ideas Teens and Tweens Can Do this Summer!

  1. Walk Dogs or Pet sit  People are working, busy, or on vacation. Have your tween/teen take care of pets like feeding, walking, or playing with animals. It is such a fun easy job to give animals some attention and check on their general welfare.
  2. Poo Pick Up  Some people own animals, but don’t like to pick it up in their yards. Have your kid armed with gloves or shovels to pick up animal poo. This job is stinky and can be hard, but certainly most jobs will be looking pretty GOOD after this one!!
  3. Clean out window wells- We had some kids come around our neighborhood offering to clean up window wells for $5 each window well. Think about it here- $5 x 2 minimum window wells per house. There are some homes with more window wells then just 2! This one could be pretty lucrative and make your teen some serious MOOLA.
  4. Create a Class for Kids  Create a class for kids who are a tad younger then them. Teach art, crafts, “old school” type games like hand clapping rhymes, outdoor sports, or making friendship bracelets. Kids LOVE these types of camps/classes, and parents love the break.
  5.  Babysit or be a “Mother’s Helper” The difference is with babysitting the parent potentially LEAVES the home and with a “Mother’s helper” the kid is there WHILE the parent is home helping keep the kids occupied and help with busy work around the home. One of the best places I’ve found for my area to reach others for babysitting jobs is the local facebook page for my neighborhood & church. A teen can also create fliers, and place them around the neighborhood.
  6. Mow Lawns, Weed Garden Beds, and Water Plants Do a great job with the yard & you’ll get repeat customers, and they will most likely refer your abilities to their neighbors. There is definitely money to be made consistently in this type of job.
  7.  Start an Online Business –  This is one that my daughter wanted to do. E commerce is HOT right now! If your kid has a knack for designing T-Shirts, or is hip on the latest trends this could be a good fit for your kid! There are websites designed around kid entrepreneurs like http://kidpreneurs.org/ blog. There is alot of good information to be found on this website.
  8. Wash Kids can wash cars, windows, dogs, fences, and the list just goes on and on…. Remember FIND A NEED, MEET THAT NEED.
  9.  Write  There are publications that pay for good writing. Refer to this article: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/jobs-making-money/side-gigs/get-paid-to-write/ If your kid has some writing skills this could potentially be something worthy to look into.
  10. Power Spray Garbage Cans This job has a TON of potential because literally MOST people HATE doing this! Do a good job cleaning those stinkers out and what you’re offering to your customers will spread like wildfire guarenteed!

My best advice is to encourage your kids to TRY something.

I hope these ideas get your Tween or Teen started on some great potential money making adventures!

What is your Tween or Teen doing to make money this summer?

Wishing you All the Luck of a Magpie!